Pastor Daryl and Jillian Elliott

Pastor Daryl Elliott has been serving as the Senior Pastor of our congregation since February 2013. He and his wife Jillian have pastored churches in Sydney, Perth, and New Zealand before coming to Footscray. They were both saved in a dynamic revival in 1981 in Geraldton WA and have been in pastoral ministry for 33 years. 


Pastor Geoff and Miriam Stowers

Pastor Geoff Stowers has been serving as Assistant Pastor of our congregation since October 2018. He and his wife Miriam were saved in Thomastown in 1997. They have also pastored churches in New Zealand and Frankston prior to coming on staff as Assistant Pastor in Footscray. Pastor Geoff has a powerful music ministry and preforms regularly in the church. 


Caleb and Victoria Spruce

Caleb was appointed as the Outreach Director of the Footscray congregation in February 2019. He was powerfully saved in 2012 and has since been pursuing the call of God to be discipled and sent out to pastor. Caleb and Victoria were married in the Footscray Church in 2018 and are excited to see what God has in store for them.